Friday 29 August 2014

Keeping up with …..the Puppets…..

Oh Canada !  The Puppet Pilot.

As we have been “ land-lubbing”  (is that a word ??) for almost two weeks now; we thought it would be a good time to focus on our Puppet Show. In case you were not aware: Meghan and I have decided that one way to give back to the communities we will visit this year, would be to offer free puppet shows to schools and youth groups. Our play will focus on Canada as well as life on the boat. We though this would be a fun way to meet and interact with kids, and to get us more involved in the places we visit. 

Over the last two weeks, we have put together a final script, build props, practiced handling puppets and put together a “pilot” video which we are proud to share with you today.. if you are interested. 

Some back ground Information :

We have two scripts available; one which is much more detailed, going into explanations of Canada’s main industries and resources ( for each Province and Territory), and one shorter version, for younger kids, just to get them interested. The point of the show would just to give them an introduction to Canada and get the conversation going so that we can have fun questions & answers and activities with the kids afterwards.....

For all of our fellow Canadians out there., we appologize as we realise that we have touched about every cliche about Canada that we could have in this play, all except for toques, beer and igloos, but we thought it was a good introduction and we hope that you will forgive us... 

We would also would like to point out that MC has six years of experience presenting with puppets to school children but Meghan had almost none, and we are all very proud of how far she has come in the last two weeks ! Anyone who has ever handled these puppets will appreciate how well she is doing as it is not as easy as it may look….  She is a natural !  

And finally : We know that the play is by no means “perfect” yet and that we still have things to work throughIt is a work in progressbut we both think that it is a very good start and
we are proud to show you what we have done so far. 

So without further ado: 

Two Coconuts Productions are proud to present :  

“Oh! Canada”, the (short version) pilot !  Enjoy !

Coming up soon :

Captain Mark gives his impressions on the last five months !


4Ms move back onto the boat start thinking about new places to visit...

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  1. That was fabulous! We're on our way back from a motorbike trip to the island, crashed in a hotel room for the night, Tay and I snuggled down to watch the puppet show. LOVED the bloopers the most, ha! We can't wait to hear what sort of questions the island children have for Bucky and Kloe. Meg, you were every bit as great a puppeteer as your mom! Great job!

    Looking forward to the next blogs xoxoxo

    Love from us up North ... where the snow FEELS like it's going to start falling all too soon ;-)